About Us

Number One is a family owned shop in the City Centre in Amsterdam  wich is founded by our father in 1977.

It is now run by brother and sister Gabriel and Carolyn.

Our parents started travelling in the seventies and took back various interesting  objects bought mostly in India, Pakistan, Afgahnistan and wherever else they decided to travel to.

Our father then sold the  objects in The Melkweg  (wich was the place to be at that time) in Amsterdam where he had a table every night and so the adventure of Number One began!

Soon he needed much more space and he moved to the Eerste Tuindwarsstraat ( literellay translated Number one gardenstreet) in the jordaan  and guess wich number….

Number One

The name NUMBER ONE was born.

Later on the shop moved to it’s current location Oude Hoogstraat 4, located perfectly close to the damsqaure, red light district and Nieuwmarkt.

Since we where little kids old enough to help in the store we where there helping our parents.

January 2015 we officially took over the shop we carefully looked at the shop and kept it like it was, cause we are nostalgic like that.

We did expand our products; more vaporisers more grinders, dabbing products and truffles.

We can proudly say that we have the largest selection grinderand dabbing products  in Amsterdam now.

So please come by or order online we are very happy to help you or inform you.


Carolyn and Gabriel

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